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Every newspaper and all online sites are flooded with valentine day offers. Most of the gift stores are decorated with heart shape balloons. It’s a day to show our love to our loved ones. It can be any one, parents or friends. But most of the time we relate valentine day with spouse or girlfriend / boyfriend. Since after marriage, I always wished that my husband will gift me something special on this special day. Initially I gifted him with greeting cards and small presents. I thought, by some chance, if he had heard the proverb “you get what you reap” then he might gift me something to next valentine day. But my reverse engineering didn’t work.

So, this valentine day I thought why I should wait him to gift me something. It’s my life too. Being a woman, it’s our duty to take care of family and most of the time we neglect ourselves. It’s not just related with health, but also our emotional and social needs. So, I decided to even gift something to myself. We have to take care of family and most of the time, being a woman we neglect ourselves. Why not pamper myself. I think this is the great idea to gift myself with something special.


And then found the fantastic opportunity by indiblogger to pamper myself with Asus Zenfone. It’s not all, I found many reasons, why it is a perfect gift for me. I am listed just five reasons, why I should buy Asus Zenfone for me.

Magic touch:
Every relation grows with the special touch. And my connection with my valentine Zenfone is not an exception to it. No smudges with superb anti-fingerprint coating. Excellent display sensitivity is the first reason I selected Asus Zenfone.I don’t have to worry even if I am coloring my hair wearing gloves.

Long lasting Design:
What I expect from my valentine. It must be good looking and I don’t have to worry for this aspect when I have Asus Zenfone. The classical look of Asus Zenfone 5 flaunts is simple, comfortable and latest design.

Impressive Display :
With HD display, I can watch painting demos by experts without any disturbances. The perfect visual clarity and picture quality is an impressive experience totally. How I will get this impressive display experience. This is indeed due to the Gorilla Glass 3 which protects the Asus Zenfone from scratches on it. It also saves the phone from accidental damages to screen.

New PixelMaster :
During the era of selfies , uploading current status along with photos is no longer a new thing. Why should I keep myself away from taking pics during my outdoor painting sessions. Here comes my fourth reason why I selected Asus Zenfone. With PixelMaster, both rear and front camera is a great tool for me to enjoy everything.

Guess my fifth reason to choose my valentine. Off course a flight to Singapore and beautiful accessories. Buying on the eve of valentine will take me to Singapore vacations, Not Bad!
You want to have a look at my beautiful and stunning valentine 🙂

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