Want your own digital recording studio ?

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Whether you’re playing a musical instrument or singer, now you can have your own digital recording studio at your fingertips. The m track musical integration from M-Audio transforms your pc into a digital recording studio.

Creating your own digital recording studio is possible with a single USB cable which provides power as well as data connection to your desktop computer or even laptop. It gives best result with any kind of audio sources.
•    USB-powered connectivity
•    Low-profile design
•    Metal construction for on-the-go purpose
•    Metal chassis
•    Analog Direct Balance control
•    LED VU meter ( for visual feedback of the audio signal)
•    Balanced ¼ inch main outputs
•    Headphone for mixing and private recording

M-Track allows perfect connections for several instruments like an electric guitar. Improved Inline Monitoring is another fantastic feature of M-Track. It’s a great device that works fine with Windows 10 and comes with reference manual, lessons and lots of on-line help. A perfect buddy for professional or newbie in music too.



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