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It’s a story of his and her. She was a shy but confident girl. He was too shy and talented boy. She was doing excellent in academics and he was bit business minded.

bluestoneIt was an annual day of college. And she heard her favorite song… but since she was getting ready for her performance, she could not see the singer. After her performance, just when she was enjoying other performances, she again heard the same song. And curiously stood to look who is the singer. It was him….He gave a sharp look towards her and continued singing. She ignored it, as she loved his voice so much.

Then it was the annual art exhibition. She was quietly standing near the painting she has exhibited there. And then she heard a voice which she always here from her inner self “Beautiful!” She recognized the voice. It’s him. Then she slowly turned around. He was looking at her with smile. He said “Beautiful paintings! “ She wanted to thank him for his appreciation. But she could not utter a word. She never thought he will be standing in front of her.

He continued, “Yesterday, I saw your paintings, but you were not here” He paused to check whether she says something. Then he continued, “So, I wanted to meet the painter and specially came today to meet you.” She was still standing without a word. Then he offered a card to her and said, “This is for you.” He gave a small greeting to her. “I cannot paint as you do, it’s a readymade greeting. But it’s your favorite hero”. He gave that greeting card to her and vanished.

She looked at that greeting card, it was really the picture of his favorite hero. How he knew it? And while thinking so ,she turned that card and saw a beautiful message written on it. “Hi…I like you … Will You accept this small gift from me?” She felt that there is something else in the envelope. It was a beautiful a stunning pure Gold Sound of Love band! She looked at it mesmerizingly. He proposed her? A person whom she really like from bottom of her heart. She felt as if he is watching her. She just smiled and her acceptance was noticed by him standing at the corner.

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