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Laughter is the best medicine! Our life is full of tension and it is very difficult to keep our-self smiling. But we are blessed with lot of people who make us smile and laugh through their acts. We generally know them as comedians. When I was kid, I use to watch Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin comedy shows. These two shows have made my childhood happy with their innocent funny acts.

I am also an immense admirer of Jony lever and heard lot of his audio cassettes. Our Indian movie has a great importance of comedians too. We have a big list of comedians in Bollywood right from Mukri, Rajendra Nath, Mehmood, Asarani, Satish Shah and Kishore Kumar too. We have a great history of female comedians too with Tun Tun and Manorama.

To make someone smile is really a difficult job. But Stand-up comedy artists have always made us smile and laugh with their acts. You must have seen one coffee advertisement where we see a standup comedian featuring the ad. The catch line itself is enough to convey the message. “The biggest strength of stammering comedian is SUSPENSE”


Stand-up comedy reaches us through films, televisions. I must note one more name… I am a great fan of him. He is none other than Kapil Sharma. He made us to wait for Sunday, so that we can start our week with a great smile. There is again lot of names to be mentioned like Navin prabhakar, Raju shrivastav, Krishna, Sudesh lahiri for television stand-up comedy.

However, nowadays the pattern of comedian in our life has changed, as our lifestyle has changed too. We visit malls, coffee shops and live shows. Here again we meet a lot of comedy acts in form of Stand-up comedy. Few corporate offices also arrange for such stand-up acts to boost their employees.

We all digi-soul, using twitter, facebook and surfing net and watching videos really need such kind of happiness is our life… actually online life! To make us refresh while being online always, is giving a great web presence to Stand-up comedy through their portal. You will find various tips from Tanmay , Karna and other stand-up comedians on this portal. They give a lot of creative information like making videos or using social media effectively in comic way, which we will never forget. If you are party lover, you can find various options to hangout, party ,dine-out or Pubs at

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