Exclusive launch event of ‘New Pampers Premium Care’

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20th September 2015 was the ever hectic day for me, even though it was Sunday. There was biggest blogging conference since morning and at the same day and at same venue I was invited to attend a special event as a mom. I knew it will be difficult to manage to attend both the events, but I could not deny as it was favorite brand of moms – Pampers!


As a mom blogger, it really fascinating to attend the launch of new range of Pamper baby’s diapers called Pampers Premium Care Pants. I have used these pants for my son and I guess it’s the preferred brand by all moms. I was wondering what could be the new technology they have added with this new premium care pants to provide softest touch as soft as a mother’s touch. So since I was attended all morning session for blogging conference, I headed towards the exclusive launch of Pampers after lunch.


This launch also gave us a soft and sweet surprise when we saw actress Mandira Bedi on the stage. But there was one more surprise when blogger, actress and celebrity mother Tara Sharma joined her. Then arrived on stage the famous child sleep consultant Ajita Gopal Seethepalli along with R & D expert of Brand Pamper Dr. Wei Sing Long. Tara Sharma Saluja talked about her experience of pampers. She specially shoot for us what his son has to say about it. She also showed us few old clipping of his son. Ajita Gopal Seethepalli talked about the importance of skin health of infants and babies. She further said that how dry diapers help in happy development of babies.






There were box in front of us we bloggers … numbered and each one having one diaper in it. We have to experience it by touching it and then mark our vote for the softest diaper. We used the voting meter in front of us to mark our experience. To our surprise Papmer got 92 % votes. So the truth was that everyone could feel that difference of softness among the given diapers.






Then experts gave the further demonstration of product after the official launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants. Dr Wei Sing Long demonstrated us the five star protection that these new launched pants provide to babies. It provides dryness for 12 hours with softness all around the baby’s skin. She also demonstrated about the presence of lotion coating in the diaper which is helpful for baby’s sensitive skin. The wetness indicator is another new feature which is very helpful for moms of newly born babies.

After the exclusive launch of the new product we all were busy in interacting with celebrities and experts.

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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