Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

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We – the digi soul are always in search of fastest speed for our internet connection. The speed does matter when we want to watch funny and interesting videos. I always get affected when I don’t comment on whatsapp. I am the last person to react on any updates… that is what all my friends say. But unless and until I see the image I cannot react, so by the time I post my reaction… I become the last person to react. I am just talking about images. Please don’t ask me about videos. I just don’t dare to see whether it is loading or not. I allow it to open up as per “its wish”. I just watch videos #aramse

Recently I came across the advertisement of 4G by Airtel. I just murmured that nothing is going to change for me. But to my surprise it is true. Have a look at this ad in the video at Finding locations, video call, photo album upload, full movie download, almost everything is fast. Check it yourself at


Airtel has recently launched its 4G network services throughout India. It is just unbelievable for us to get such connectivity which we thought in dreams. We can get search results with a fraction of seconds. We can download full movie (average size movie) in just 3 minutes. Finding locations is as easy as 1-2-3.

Getting started with Airtel 4G
Is the procedure of connecting from 3G to 4G is complicated? The answer is “ NO” . It is the simplest thing to get connected to 4G. The requirement for it is 4G handset, 3G data pack and 4G SIM. No more struggling with setting changes or installation procedures. Isn’t it unbelievable!

Airtel 4G SIM at your door step
Another unbelievable fact! Can you believe it that Airtel 4G SIM is just a Tweet away! If you are a Airtel user and this 4G new tempted you to switch over to 4G connection. All you have to do is login to twitter account using your 4G handset. Post a request tweet with #GetAirtel4G for 4G SIM. You will receive a reply by @AirtelIndia. Follow that link to fill up your details where the SIM should be delivered. And just wait to receive your FREE delivery of Airtel 4G SIM at your door step. If you are held up in meeting or any other important work, no worries! You will get Airtel 4G SIM at home without wasting your time in visiting store and buy it. I must appreciate this innovative customer service by Airtel for their tech savvy customers.

Amazing Price
Last and the least unbelievable thing about Airtel 4G is its price. You can enjoy 4G speed at 3G cost. Isn’t it amazing to have 4G speeds with 3G price? So what are you waiting for ? Just tweet and get your Airtel 4G at your door step. Just sit back in chair, relax and enjoy the superfast connectivity.

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