5 Mantras for Baby’s soft Skin

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Being a mom, I do care for my son’s health, his liking, his behavior, his interest, his education. But I do remember the day when nurse kept this bundle of joy in my hand. I was speechless looking at the God’s wonderful gift for me. The glowing and smooth skin…. I was too careful about his skin since his birth.

SoftestForBabySkin 1Like every mom, I was too conscious about my son’s gentle skin and always taken a lot care as it is first thing where infection can take place. Taking care of pee and poo activities and while bathing was real challenge for me. The challenge included many questions like what is right cloth for kid’s skin. Which oil is best for massage kid’s silky skin? How many times giving bath in a day is feasible? My journey of keeping my son’s skin tender and soft has taught me many things. Hope these major five things according to me are necessary to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.


Massage: Kids love massage, and they enjoy it very much. Massage with oil makes babies skin soft. For massage coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, almond oil and olive oil are used traditionally.I have also tried baby oils available in market. In winter I use to make it warm before use, only care you have to take is check by touching it that it’s not too hot.

Bath : After you massage the baby, next important thing to remove that excess oil from his skin and so bathing is also other activity as important as massaging . Again water should be warm and not hot. Better to check by touching it before giving bath to baby.

Clothing: We have a tradition to not use new clothes for babies in initial days. My sister in law and sister gave me some used clothes. The benefit of this tradition is that babies don’t get skin reaction due to brand new clothes which might have some chemicals, or stiffness of new clothes might hurt them. Again whatever clothes we use for babies should be soft enough and of loose-fitting.

Diapers: There are more chances to get infection to skin during Pee and poo activity. New generation moms have the option of diapers. Again big no to cheap quality diapers! I have used Pampers Dry Pants that are safe on baby’s skin. My son was happy baby with dryness feeling throughout the day. Its easy changing flips don’t disturb baby’s activity. I never felt any difficulties in changing diapers and even my son use to enjoy being with me even though I was changing his diaper.

The new Pampers premier care pants are very helpful to young moms with its all round fit , disposable tape and wetness indicator. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Skin contact: Most important thing for your kid’s skin safety is skin to skin contact. The more you connect your baby through feeding, massaging, bathing, changing diaper, playing , cuddling and smile talk… the more they feel safe. There is nothing gentle than mom’s touch which gives them warmth and happiness.

Hope my mantras may help you to keep your babies skin soft too.


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