Pamper Baby for happy mornings!

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It was around 12.30 am and I saw my son was still studying. Like every mom, I went to his room and asked him to sleep. “Mom, please leave me alone…. its exam time….don’t act like filmy mom”

I was shocked to hear that, he is finding it all filmy? Boys are boys … they never change…. Where I lost my son who never left for school without a warm hug to me? Time flies like anything. I still remember the day he born. Normally all moms seems to be happy when they hold their kid for first time. I was crying… I felt as if I someone has cut my body part and separated from me. Now my son was having separate identity. He is not in my womb where I was the only person who can hear him, feel him… he is away from me. Now, anyone can hold him.

I still remember each moment I spend with him. I left my job, as I wanted to be with him all the time. I wanted to see him crawl, cry, laugh, walk… I didn’t want to miss any moment. I also captured his lot of pics when he was kid.

WP_20150218_002[1]In the initial days, he used to cry a lot in the evening. He wanted me to be with him all the time. Most of the time guests try to play with kids and hold them, cuddle them. The moment anyone tried all these with my son, he would start crying. Gradually I learned that, if the child is happy before going to sleep, he gets up smiling. Then I found out that for quite sleep he need to be pampered with diapers. Diapers that will keep him dry overnight and will not disturb his sleep.

I did lot of experiments with his bedtime rituals. I use to speak a lot with him. Even though he did not understand the language, the sweet smile was making both of us happy. Probably kids understand the feelings and the touch. He never liked the normal toys that we have, kitchen vessels always attracted him. So if make some sound with spoons or cup, he was too happy. This was our best bed time game. When he started crawling, he loved to sit on my lap while I am having dinner. Crawling on the whole bed was his next game when grew around 5-6 months old. He would remove the bed sheet, try to hide behind it, make a roll of it and then laugh like anything.

The only thing that was holding him from mischief was handkerchief. Yes, you heard it right. .. When he was about 9-10 months old, this was his favorite pass time. He will sit by a wall and carefully fold the handkerchief. And after 5-10 minutes struggling to fold it, he again starts rolling and enjoying summersaults.

I came out from his room with tears. I have to understand now, that he is grown up. Those bed time rituals are now become just stories to remember!

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