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We all parents complain that schools are keeping our kids busy in various projects and they don’t get time to do their homework. There are even few (May be I am wrong here. …. Almost majority of parents) who sends their kids to various crash courses to learn ethics and values. But what education kids get from such so called fast educations?

To make it more simpler let me tell you one small story. And this story is not narrated by my nani but I learned it from my son. Yes.. . that’s true.


It was as usual my son was asked to complete his science project. He was asked to bring baby plant of 15-20 days. When he told me this, I showed him the simpler way of growing carrot in water for few days and then transfer it to pot. But he was not satisfied with it. He wanted to do something different. And then I realized that this is the perfect time to teach him togetherness, bonding and also right time to encourage his creativity. I boosted him to do this activity with his friends.

Then for next 15 days, I found him so happy with his friends discussing about which seeds to choose, which soil to use, going to potter to bring the right soil, collecting information about plants nutrients. I have heard about quote

Coming together is beginning
Keeping together is a progress
Working together is a success

And I just experienced what it means. My son was happy with his friends growing his baby plant. They learned various things together. They laughed, they enjoyed, they learned, they had discussions! This small activity taught them everything togetherness, creativity, bonding, love, sharing and most important caring for each other.

Then my son and his friends found out about terrace gardening. They did various experiments by their own. I was happier to see him happy while showing brinjal or dhania grown in his tiny garden than his marks in annual report.

Now he is grown up young boy, but I always found him sharing his ideas, thoughts with his friends whether it is of choosing career or enjoying weekends…. Even bunking the classes! I strongly believe that that small science activity was enough for him to give a life experience of ethics and values which no classroom speech or no short course have taught him.

I remembered this real story of my life when I watched the below video of kissanpur. I strongly believe that being a parent you can teach your kids #togetherness importance in this growing digital world. So that they will realize that life beyond facebook, whatsapp and virtual games is happier life.

And I am sure that’s a great way to teach our kids

“Alone we can do so little together we can do so much!

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