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Recently I watched movie “3 G” and just thought “Really we can get connected to people who are not with us?” And guess what! I got an opportunity to talk to five persons with WeChat’s Youtube channel, the new way to connect!

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere! I would first chat with my great grandmother who is great inspiration of my life. Three years back, when she passed away, she was approximately of 98 years. We do not have her birth date with us. This is what we calculated by whatever stories we heard from her. However, even at the age of ninety eight, her memory was strong. She has given lot of love to our family. My mom lost her mother when she was ten years old. However, my great grandmother strongly stood with her daughter’s children and supported them in many ways. My mom, mama and mavshi( mom’s sister). She always was the part of my life since my childhood. She has given lot of guidance to me. I want her to be with me for my rest of life. I would like to chat with her all my life issues.

Secondly, of course my ex boss who is also my best friend too. I may or may not chat with him about my life. But I would like to be with him on chat. He is too strong and a successful businessman. But sometimes he is just like a kid. I may not be in his friend list, but would definitely want to share his worries. I would like to be connected to him via WeChat, so that I can listen to his complaints, his anger and his smile. So, I want to be his virtual assistant forever through WeChat’s Youtube channel..

My next chat buddies are Tom and Jerry. I like their friendship. They fight with each other and they never stay away from each other. I would like to be a part of such friendship. Let them fool me, let them make fun of me, but I want to be connected with such innocent friends.

Fourthly, I will chat with my cousin sister. After her marriage, she is in Goa now. We rarely meet. As such we both are happy with our family. However, whenever we meet we both start crying with no reason. Same is the case when we depart. May be because, we miss each other a lot. This will be a great opportunity to be connected with her for those golden memories that we shared together. But surely will not talk about our daily routine, current responsibilities.

The fifth and very important person is Lord Ganesha. Whenever he arrives during Ganeshotsav, I forget all my worries and all problems. Why he does not stay with us forever? I am fed up with the people who purposely and unnecessarily create problems for me. I will not say that the life should be problem less. But give us the strength to face all those problems. I really feel bad when I read news about people who commit suicide. I would ask Lord Ganesha to give them new vision of life.


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