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Digital revolution has changed our life! There were various things which were said to be impossible then! But digitalization of it makes our work much easier and faster.

Keeping in touch with the loved once that stay abroad was just impossible about 100 years back. Today we can connect any one from anywhere with just few taps. Those days are gone when we need to stand in queue for hours to book train tickets. Now in few minutes we can book our train seats. Traditionally we know bank where we visit the place for money related issues. Now bank reside within the pocket. We don’t need a guide or travel agent while travelling to unknown locations. But today everyone is expert and book as well as plans their trips perfectly.


The change is seen in almost everything from shopping to travelling and from education to financial institutions. The same change can be seen in broking industry too. There is a drastic change in the way trading took place before 1994 and after 1994.Also the way of storing shares is changed from hard copy of shares to soft copy of shares. This new change is well understood by India’s leading financial services group, Edelweiss Financial Services. They believe that there will be 8 times revenue growth in next three years. And with this realization they launched Tap2Trade trading app which helps to open trading account and operate it with few taps.

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Nitin Jain , CEO, Global Asset and Wealth Management , Edelweiss Financial Services said “ Earlier there was limited retail participation in Indian capital Markets partly due to the hassles of getting documentation, lots of signature, verification etc. Tap2trade is our attempt to make the entire process hassle free, convenient and time saving thus easing the process of investing in the markets. “

This app is very easy to use, so that even common man who runs away due to lengthy procedure of demat accounts. Here the app helps you even if you provide your pan number or mobile number along with few details of yours. You can send papers through email or chat. And you will find the executive on your doorstep with the hard copy of registration completed.Untitled


Tap2Trade is Simpler: Registering and logging with Tap2Trade trading app is simple with few taps. Dashboard provides various summaries with Net MTM of open positions. It comes with 23 technical indicators for historical charts and tick-by-tick intraday charts.

Tap2Trade is quicker: Tap2Trade trading app opens account quickly in minutes and “T” button helps to place trades across the app.

Tap2Trade is Smarter: The bull icon provided in Tap2Trade trading app is for key market indices. You get real time updates and detailed market study with this app. Live categorized news provide sentiment analysis and tracking current and upcoming corporate action is easy with event section. Its smart enough to provide quotes across equity, derivatives and currency.IMG_5137

In short this app will make a common man to enter the Broking Industry. Try out yourself Edelweiss Mobile Trader –  hassle free, paperless and convenient way of trading once

“This post has been written for the Edelweiss trading app launch event through BlogAdda

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