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Last few months various protests against Delhi tragedy shows that Indian woman is not treated properly by men. Even Amir Khan’s Satyameve Jayate has drawn our attention towards various sensitive social issues prevalent in India especially regarding women. However, it is always not true that all men are bad. We cannot judge everyone with one scale. The person should be honored for whatever small good thing he does. At least this is the opportunity to spread a message in society about such good men. And yes, surely we can complete each story with “If this man can respect women, Why can’t you?” That is why, This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

This is my small efforts to say thanks to all those who shaped me and helped me in small act. They never showed that they made something great. This is my salute to them for doing small but great things for me. Being a working woman, nowadays we need cooperation from office mates too. I think I should not loose this chance to appreciate my colleagues and bosses.

I was new to that firm and was my first day. Since, the accountant was absent, the person from other department handed over me the responsibilities. My job was also included salary disbursement, so there were few unpaid salary packets and various papers. I checked the records and kept all cash and salary packets in drawer and started doing other work. While doing so, one senior person approached me saying his salary is pending. After checking records, I found that it is true. So, I started creating few papers ready. At that very moment, phone on my table ranged. Receptionist said that there is a call for me. I wondered who had called me on the very first day of my office.

To my surprise, the person on the phone said “I am your colleague, Satish. Do not say anything; just listen to what I say. Though the record shows you we have to pay this senior officer, please talk to Director before paying. And do not express anything in front of him right now!”

I silently kept the phone and said,”Sir, I am not getting the keys of the drawer. Please give me some time.” When I had word with director, he said that his salary has been held for some reason. It is nice that I had talked to him. However, the whole credit goes to Satish, who called me in time and helped me in knowing the real fact.

The other person is my ex-boss, Harsharan Singh who gave me lot of letter writing. He also made me to write minutes of meeting. Though, it was not part of my job, I did it. I never knew that this was the beginning of my article writing.

Whatever, I am writing now, is because of my current boss, Mr.Patkar. In fact he has given me an exposure to different styles of writing articles. That is why I am writing this article too. You will never believe that he has given permission to enter and leave the office at my ease. The condition is improve my writing skills.

This is article is blade of honor for these men who stood up by me and I feel proud , that I met such great persons in my life.

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