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I was checking my mail and found that one is from blogaadda. Since I am new to blogadda, I opened it with curiosity. The subject was “Soldier For Women”. It reminded me about dad, brother and other relative who have supported me at different curves of life. However, it is obvious that all these men would take care of you since they are closely related to me. However, I thought to write about the one whom I respect a lot. All my memories are related to my boss. That’s right! Man who gave me lot of courage and inspired me a lot is my ex-boss,Parmindersir. These few memories of him becomes the part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

When I joined his office, I came to know that he is very strict. So, I was always hesitating to take any new responsibility where I will have to report him. However, as he was the final decision makers, I often have to report him. And I was having lot of clashes with him.

Once while he was on tour, I realized that I am feeling unsecured. My colleague smiled and said it’s because our boss is not here. Everyone feels the same way. Though my boss was strict and harsh speaking, I never felt such insecurity in his presence. Then I found that he is actually very protective towards me and other staff. Being a boss he might be behaving like dictator, and do not want to express that he is protective. Over the time I realized, how helpful and protective he is. And his down to earth attitude! Inspite of being boss, he never hesitated to accept his mistakes too.

Since I was staying nearby, I used to walk to office. I hardly had to sit late hours. In such cases, he always reminded me to take auto and go home. If he was not present in office, he would call and remind me to go home in time.

My tenure in his office was so enjoyable. I was totally dependent on him. I totally forgotten that , once I was afraid of him. My formula was simple Problem ? Call Parmindersir = Problem solved

He was not just protective but he was my Guru too.  He has advised me to be strong. He boosted me to take up new opportunities in different spheres. In few cases he forced me to do jobs which were irrelevant to my job profile. He made me to shift over to managerial level. Even the respect I received from other people in his organization was just because of him.

best_boss-everWhy I referring him as a soldier? Why I respect him so much? I left his office long back. I was on phone and was telling him that I am doing well. However, with my first sentence, he realized that something is wrong with me. The people around me, even my close ones could not noticed it. I still wonder how he realized that I am facing some problem. Anyways, I owe him for those magical words “You should be happy always.” I realized that at least one person want’s me to be happy.

Do we really expect someone to stand besides us with a gun to protect? Do we actually want someone to be with us always? For me – my soldier is one who will give me moral support and trust me. He was the one who gave me moral support, trusted me a lot and gave me lot of admiration from others.

I really realize it that working without such boss is too difficult. And I really miss him.

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