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The equation of life should be “Eat for living” But do we really follow this? If I am not mistaken we make our equation as “Live for eating” There lies all the health problem.

The 5 major rules for eating are

1. We should eat fresh food

2. We should avoid oily foods

3.Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the part of our daily food

4.Never skip breakfast, have lunch (medium size) and light dinner

5.We should also drink lot of water.

And in reality what we do? We skip breakfast and eat a lot for dinner.This actually affects our metabolism. And here starts the cycle of many health problem. And the things go on increasing as we avoid fresh food , eat lot of junk food, do not follow eating time. The small problems like headache to obesity and diabetes occurs just because we do not follow good eating habits.

We know that ” An apple a day keeps doctor away” Each and every fruit has lot of vitamins and healing properties. But we neglect this fact and choose cooked food.

We can have Nariyal Pani(Coconut water), Kokam juice, Amla juice instead of soft drinks. But yeah…….. Salman khan, Akshay kumar do not tell us to do that…. Oily ,spicy food is the major issue of all heath issues, but who cares? We love Samosa, Bhajiya, pakodas…. what to do? Even refrigerated products and food is bad for our health. But we just don’t care to have fresh food.

It’s not that we are not aware of all these things, but we are addicted to all bad food habits.

Please …Please take some time and review your food habits. You can even consult to your family doctor regarding this. It is better to opt good food habits before it becomes too late. Day 2 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words

the Write Tribe Festival of Words I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.


  1. yea.. its important to eat healthy and fresh.
    What with deteriorating eating habits, we are more susceptible to diseases!

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