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I do not remember exactly when my friendship with books started But I do remember that when I was in second or third standard , I use to jump on the fresh issue of “Chanoba” ( Chandamama is it’s Hindi version) and “Kishore”. Those magazines were available somewhere in first week of month. Within a day I use to finish reading both the magazines. And spend the whole month in reading again and again all those magazines. Then this went on and went on as I grow. What changed is the subject of books.

Those days there were no concept like pocket money. We use to get ten rupees as a gift occasionally. (Those ten rupees is equivalent to today’s 500 rupees.) I use to spend that for purchasing small story books like Jadui chirag, Raja Virsen, Lal Mahal ki Rajkumari ……

The topics of books changed as I grow but the addiction of books remained unchanged. Slowly these Princess , witches , magic wand stories disappeared. Many poets like Kusumagraj, Shrikant Moghe, Mangesh Padgaonkar and writer like P.L.Deshpande, V.P.Kale, Ratnakar Matkari, Mangala Godbole became my favorites.

Till today I never ever gave up my habit of reading. Where ever we shifted in past years, I always find the nearest Library first. Even I keep one book with me for long journey as well. You might find it funny, but I still read any random story from “Birbal and Akbar” and “Isaapniti”. These stories are closely related to our day to day life. Even after thousands of years, the moral of each story turn out to be a great guide for me.

I am very thankful to all writers who have given us a great gift of lifetime. Each book is a great source of energy, the only thing we have to read it. We have a nice proverb in Mararthi “वाचाल तर वाचाल ” Meaning – If you read, you will survive
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  1. Your post reminded me of my childhood. My mom used to give me Rs5 every week and I would spend it on a book – where did those days go. Can you get anything for Rs5 these days?

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