Recalling Golden Memories

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The best memories of my life are the days …oh years I spent with my son, when I watched him growing.

When I was pregnant I left my job.  I never felt that I did any  wrong decision of leaving a job. Basically I was not in favor to leave the child with baby sitter. First five years, every child needs their mother. And its really a fun watching your kid growing.

I remember each day and each moment since the birth of my son. The day when he born, all my family members were happy and  I felt like crying. I felt as if some one has cut me into two pieces. My son was very close to me for nine months. I was feeling as if I lost some part of my body. But  when I hold him for first time, I realized that he  was a separate entity now.

And then the every moment I spent with him was a golden moment. The fist time he started scrolling, his first step, his first word. The  unforgettable moment when he called me “Aai”.  I was feeling blessed when I pampered him. I still remember that when he was 2 years old , I use to take him to garden near by our house every evening. And every day he wanted to wear the jeans. If I try to dress him differently he use to stand near wall holding his back tightly. And then I have to listen to him and take out his favorite jeans from closet.

His early school days memories are also too sweet. He was happy to go to school, as I told him that he will get lot of toys to play. I have not sent him to pre nursery , so he was unaware of school concept. But from very first day , the teacher started with sleeping line , standing line. So, after 15 days he started crying and refused to go to school. For fifteen days I was going with him to school . He was looking cute holding his bag on back. But when I saw his face, I desperately felt that I will never send him to school. My husband laughed and said ” what you will never send him to school? Grow up!” Then slowly I managed to accept the fact that schooling is the next turn of his life. And it’s my duty to teach him to face the new challenges . Then came his schooling phase. I have lot of memories of his schooling days – the way he was holding his pencil, the first time he wrote my name, his first drawing, his fancy dress competitions, his recitation competitions, his first dance at stage, his football match, his tabla performance and when he secured 85 % in Board exam……………

ohhhhhhhhhhh…….I can’t write. This recalling of memories made me cried again.  You know what he does not require my help now. He takes his own decision. He decides about his own activities. I am really feeling that when children grow up, we are no where in their lives. It’s all memories that I have now……….. It’s too bad , kids should remain kids forever

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  1. Our kids will remain kids forever for us. I smiled at your post – all of us moms go through this emotion. Very nice. Enjoyed your post.

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