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It’s a short story when everyone was talking about my marriage.. And I never participated among any discussion…even though it was my life’s most important decision. I had full faith on my parents that they are going to select the perfect person for me.

My daddy normally takes all the decisions for our family. There is a custom of having Phohas and tea , when the two different families decides about marriage. Typically the first step is to match the kundalis . Kundalis are the horoscope prepared at the time of birth. The pundit decides whether the kundali of boy and a girl matches with 36 points. If no, not all 36 points are matching then according to their study they suggest whether the particular marriage is good for both the boy and the girl or not. This is a typical first stage of arrange marriage in Maharashtra. I think, this process is same even in other parts of India.

So when my mom and dad started searching their future son-in-law. The initial scrutiny was done my parents regarding age, education and I do not remember the other criteria they decided. I never use to discuss anything when they selected any proposal and has the initial word with the families during this process of my marriage.

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I was just enjoying the whole process, and even the moments when they use to discuss among themselves about the “boy” . My dad was very choosy, I must say.First they send the kundali to other family, if they say it matches. Second stage was of discussion.My parents use to discuss among themselves . Third stage was visiting the home and discussing with boy’s parents. This was the most entertaining stage for me. As and when they return home…..the topics were vast . Right from their home, how they greeted , what they offered with tea, do they have pets in house, whether they have maid at home, whether the house was clean etc.

Till this stage, I have nothing to say.  I observed that my daddy use to visit their home just to find out about family .Normally boys have the authority to say no, but in my case dad was refusing so many proposal for silly reasons.

Once I was listing to their talk when they return home from one of such “Expedition”. I just could not stop laughing when I heard the reason my dad gave to refuse this proposal. According to my dad the boy was having beard and not properly shaved. So he gave his decision that the person who is not well shaved is not right person for his daughter. I thought may be, he is referring to hygienic point. But no….according to his theory , person with beard have no interest in having family and most of the time they tend towards becoming sanyashi’s. I laughed …..laughed and laughed …..


And yes when I decided to write about the blogadd activity, I remembered the incident. Beware boys – being not well shaved could be the reason for refusal of your marriage proposal.

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