The Great Indian Litterbug

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Everyone was busy in doing all the required preparations for the competition. Everywhere, the crowd of enthusiast was wondering here and there, thinking about their own strategy for the competition. What was the contest? Why is everyone so excited about it? Was it marathon? Was it related to sports or arts? Was it related to youngsters or senior citizen?

All most people of all age groups were gathered to participate this competition. There was no age bar. Still wondering what I am talking about? A few years back… when we were not aware of clean India or swatch Bharat…. Switch back to those days… Do you remember the competitions we had? There were lots of categories like Kid litterbug, King litterbug, Queen litterbug, Abstract litterbugs, Vertical litterbug, Horizontal litterbug. The competition was hard as everyone was equally skilled in spitting. Few of them were skilled in spoiling the wall in an artistic way, and few of them strongly believed in spoiling the wall in an abstract manner. Whereas few have mastery in spoiling the wall in very different ways like just some corners or just middle of the wall.

Those days no one was aware about the clean wall…. In fact, having a clean wall for society or school or any public building was treated as sub-standard etiquettes. Everyone was taking care to color wall except their home walls, with differently. Few were keenly interested in spitting in such a way that exact corners of each staircases or compound wall will be painted with litter. However, few were mastered in throwing litter in such a way that, the whole wall will have a nice red color mural. Few were mastered in recognizing public property in a second and color it in such a way that no one will recognize it forever.

Yes… it was then… everyone was getting ready for spoiling the walls in the city in different manners…. Who won the various trophies? It was very difficult for the judges to decide the winners in various categories. Everyone was equally talented. And then some miracle happened. The sponsors found that it is being difficult day by day…. Everyone is equally talented and arranging such competition is useless , they had to create various winners categories and invest money. Then they thought why not do something different. Everyone has seen the Indian litterbugs in various categories, why not choose a person who is very weak in all these activities. And so they declared “Nolitterbug” award….

Since this award came into existence, every Indian is trying to be in this category. Seems to be dreaming…. but yes, this is going to happen in the near future very soon. And our Indian walls will be as clean as Wall of china

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