Is Laundry Only A Woman’s Job

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We recently came back from vacations. And as usual, I started thinking about the huge work load that I had to finish when I will reach home. The list is endless. As soon as I enter the room, I will have to sweep the whole hose, have a bath and prepare tea for all. I keep all the plants inside with home-made dip-irrigation system. Keeping all those plants back in the balcony. And the most irritating job is cleaning the clothes.

When my son was kid, I never asked him to help me in household works. It’s not he cannot do or doent know how to do it. I asked his baby sitter with curiosity , how helpful is he there. And she was very happy with his attitude their. He is helpful there and always keep his clothes proper afrer he return from school. Now, its my turn to surprise why he is not helpful in house. I never told him that cooking or washing clotes is only mom’s job or woman’s job. Then how he can say that cooking or laundry is not his job. This thougt is penetrated in our Inidn society for years. No boy requires to tell him it specially.They observe it and follow it.

Then , recently I found that , an amazing survey about how men actually help for household work, specially washing clothes. This survey is conducted on November 2014 by Ariel India in association with AC Nielsen in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Delhi.

IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob to change every household’s story

85% of Indian working women think that they should fight both the battles , at home and at work. If they cannot perform well on both the places simultaneously, they feel guilty. So basically Indian woman should come up with a mindset that there is specialized work for men and women. Men also can help them in household work, and doing so is not at all a favor on us.

ArielShareTheLoad2The staticstic also says that 76% Indian men believe that laundry is woman’s job and 77% Indian men depend on women for laundry. We have a belief that if one woman in house is educated then the whole family is benefited. Same goes with the household work. If the ,mother teaches her children that no work is gender biased. If this is done with every family, soon we will see that the the Laundry will not be just women’s job.

And soon the statistic figure that shows 2/3 of Inidan men who prefers watching TV than laundry and 2/3 of Indian women who believes that there is inequality between men and women at home. I am doing efforts at my level to change my son. Since he is one’s only son, I find it difficult. But I am sure if I succeed in this then by the time he gets married the current statistic figure would change. The current statistic shows that 73% of married Indian men gives priority to relax than helping their wives to household work

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

* Disclaimer – Images are taken from Ariel campaign page.

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