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It was our college song competition. Though I am not a singer, I just went there to attend the rehearsal with my friend. I was listening to everyone… And suddenly, I could hear my favorite song” Diwani sssss Diwananaaaaaa… Anjaniiiii… Anjanaaaaaaaa”

Oh… I could not find any difference between SP Balsubramaniam and this sweet voice. I just said, “Soooo… sweet.” My friend smiled and said….”Who?”

“Stop smiling… I am talking about the song!” I said

“It is the same thing song and singer… you know when a singer sings a song you like it, right?”

My friend gave the intro to that cute boy….. He was tall, dark and handsome…. And after that it was as usual…… we met in the library and then in the canteen…

3536362-engagement-ring-on-a-pink-rose-bud-making-a-proposalThen the fest was over and our few CR started Rose day on valentines day itself……Rose day where we can send rose to anyone mentioning the color. I thought this is the right time to say what I feel. My friend was against it. According to her boys should always first when the matter of the proposal comes. “ Come on, Jane…. It’s not a proposal…. I mean I like his singing and I just want to convey it… that’s it.” And then we had lots of discussions whether I am doing wrong or right. I was getting confused and frustrated.

Finally, I decided to listen to my heart. I am going to send him a rose… that’s it… White rose…. No.. We don’t fight, why I should choose this…. It looks like treaty way… Then should I select yellow rose… But I know him, we have met for 2-3 times in college… so I can’t even ask for into….. I am surely choosing the red rose…. I like him, but not love… So let me choose the pink rose… this is the perfect way to show my appreciation for his singing. It’s a sort of saying thanks for talking with me and maybe something more…. Oh!! I really love him…. may be….

And then I sent a pink rose to him….. But then after I was shivering like anything… Will that convey the wrong message to him? And what if I lose a great friend too? And till valentines day, I was in some other world…. After sending rose… I realized that I really like him… And now this was a proposal from me without my consciousness.

I realized that I can’t go to college and face him. Now the rose has been already reached to him… Then I realized anyways… it was pink rose… I had all reasons to explain him….

I entered college with a bit a brave heart. And to my surprise one red rose waiting for me as well.. And yes, it was from him….

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