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Sound sleep is very necessary for healthy life. And it’s a known fact that the average night’s sleep is approximately eight hours which is one third time of day. When we are spending one third of the time in sleep which is equally important for good health, do we really give same importance while selecting our mattresses where we have to spend one third of the day time?


A delightfully comfortable, affordable and health-friendly mattress is the only solution for good sleep. There are special requirements regarding mattresses by first time parents, people with back ache/spinal issues too. With known brands like KurlOn, Duroflex, Serta , there is one more brand who has taken care of mattresses. And its Sunday products!

Let us see what Sunday Rest aims to be the market leader in the mattress segment in the next 3 years? What this product is and what this brand delivers to their customer?

Sunday Products:
1. Design is an integral part of the Sunday product. For them design is all about how it works, not how it looks.
2. The 100% latex used in Sunday products is sourced from Belgium.
3. The flagship model of Sunday Rest, LatexPlus, passed LGA certification (which stands for longevity of the mattress) from Germany and scored a 99/100.
4. There are just 2 mattress models to choose from Sunday. They come in various sizes – Single, Double, Queen and King Sizes.

Why to choose Sunday product in mattresses segment?

  • product-04_grandeSunday mattresses are weatherproof, so there is no issue with hot summers as is typical with spring, PU foam and memory foam mattresses.
  • Sunday products have sold over 2000 mattresses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.
  • You can check Sunday products on following parameters :
    a. Price
    b. Quality
    c. Certifications
    d. Customer Experience
  • Sunday products treat their customers as Kings. And that’s an understatement. That’s why they have a 100 Night Trial policy. They accept the returns if the product is not damaged and has a bill. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Who are Sunday Products customers?
The target audiences of Sunday products are
○ First time parents
○ People with back ache/spinal issues.
○ People looking to upgrade or change the mattress.


How is the Delivery of Sunday Products?
1. Sunday products deliver in a day if the mattress is ordered before 11am. Else, it would reach them on the next day.
2. Sunday products have their own delivery fleet for Bangalore and for other cities, they depend on 3rd party delivery agents.
3. The delivery truck can be tracked real time and as a result of this our customers can plan things in advance.

Sunday products are receiving a lot of orders from Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. These cities would soon have a couple of Sunday Rest Experience Centers each.

Get ready to experience life! Experience life on a Sunday! Or visit to check online


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