Strong inside to grow outside

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When I was kids, my mom’s famous dialogue was “it’s not easy to grow children. You will understand the pain and difficulties when you will be mom.” Being a mom now, I remember those words every now and then.

withI experienced these parenthood pressures since my son’s birth. The only difference is, at each stage the nature of worries changes. When he was kid, he was overactive, never sit at one place, always doing some activity, playing around, asking lot of questions. When he was in school, he was always keen in study as well as in football. Football is his weakness. Then he passed out his schooling, and along with study, football. He also started exercising. Right from his childhood, I had always taken care of his health and diet. What has not changed is his habit of drinking milk with Bournvita.

What all I have done all these days to Catch Up On my son’s Growth?
Being a modern mom always followed a proper diet plan suggested by pediatrician. I always focused on giving him the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals ,fibre and fats too, is what is ideal for a child in his/her developing years I learned lot of techniques how to make different kind of dishes using green vegetables and grains. He always loved to eat all fruits , so this way his requirement of minerals and proteins was fulfilled. Calcium rich breakfast items like Low fat cheese, milk, almonds etc were always loved by him. Even I never forgot to include calcium and vitamin rich breakfast including nuts, milk and cereals.

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