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I took out my sketchbook and started sketching a lady who was standing near the door of local train. Everyone in the compartment was curious about what I was doing. When I finished sketching, the lady sitting next to me, gave a nice smile and said “ Aaap bahot achha drawing Karte ho… teacher ho?” I said, “Nahi, Yeh meri hobby hai.”

meNowadays I am experiencing this most of the time. Once, a lady asked me to do her sketch. And after I finished, she took a snap of it. And one lady requested me to sketch her son, and handed over the photo in her mobile for reference.

It was my aspiration to join fine arts. However, my father did not allow me to do so. He was completely against it. My mom and other relatives gave me a lot of examples where many girls do not seek any education at all. They finally succeeded in taking me my further education which I did not like at all. However, I completed my graduation with excellence, but I was never comfortable.

And then I kept trying to paint as I thought is correct. There was no guidance regarding material or technique of painting. It continued for several years.

And recently, I showed a few of my paintings to one of my colleague, Rakesh. He was impressed with my continuous efforts. According to him, I simply need to refine my talent. He gave me few eBooks. And most amazingly, digital world helped me a lot. I happened to notice one pic of Rakesh’s friend doing his outdoor painting. So, I collected information about where these outdoor sessions are conducted. It is Sanskar Bharti, who conducts painting workshops. As I started attending these sessions, gradually by watching others I understood what art material should be used, and how others are working with different techniques. I started attending their outdoor sessions, visiting various demo sessions and watching people working in various competitions.

1607002_731204513598825_3865851257793697918232_nPractice makes a man perfect… Practice also makes a woman perfect too (though I have not joined any college or institute for learning art, I feel as if I am in the first year of Art College. Learning everyday.. Working hard and hard every day….. My schoolmates and other friends are surprised to see me working with this energy. I strongly believe that there is no age bar for learning. It’s never too late, if you decide to do something.

In last so many years, I felt as if I have spoiled my life by selecting the wrong path. Many others asked me, why I have not taken a stand for my own career. However, now when anyone asks me that I am from which Art college? I feel proud of myself. Though I do not have any art degree with me, my paintings do reflect that I am a art student. I still have to do lot of experiments in paintings. But surely I am heading towards it with great enthusiasm.

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