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It was a still life painting of bread with fruits around it. My mom and others were praising that painting. “How real it looks!” It was done by one of our neighbouring boy who was studying in JJ school of Arts. I was around 7 years then , And I thought that I will do paintings like him for rest of my life.

And then my journey towards painting started, but there were few obsactle. But I overcome with it ,as the time flew. Whenever I got the opportunity to learn any art, I never miss it. Now I really have plenty of certificates and medals for drawing AND gretting card competition AND flower arrngement competition AND craft AND artificial flower making AND Rangoli . There are lot of AND’s are added in my artistic life.

mine7I do love travelling and treking. So when I did my first trek to Matheran….everyone said you are trekker… And I said , Yes I am a trekker too”

During the inter college competitions, I have participated in dance competitions. And even know I never miss the opportunity to dance. I love salsa And I also love folk dance. So yes …. AND I am a dancer too.

Being a mom my first attention is to healthy food ….my son love bhel puri, pani puri ,biryani , puranpoli, laddoos, chakli and lot of things. Once, he went to meet her granny. And as usual my mom prepared chicken recipe for him. And he told my mom” Granny , you are not prepared the dish as my mom prepares. Why don’t you ask her the receipe?” My mom was sad, as he didn’t like her preparation. At the same time , was happy for me. AND for my son I am a great cook.

???????????????????????????????I am incomplete without all those AND’s…And I am proud to have a life with all those AND’s. When any one asks me how I manage it? My answer is “Simple! When I want to do it, I do it AND I don’t give any excuses to myself”

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