Rediscovering painting passion with Micromax Canvas

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I was really excited to see the new challenge in happy hour activity of Indiblogger. It was about Micromax Canvas Tab P666.

I was desperately searching for the good tab for me. I normally go for outdoor painting on Sundays and even for outdoor workshops. I find it very difficult to carry camera with me. Not because it’s too heavy….. But I have to carry with me other painting material like bundh of papers for sketching and painting , brushes,easel, folding chair and water. Drinking water as well as water for painting. Soemtimes I find it difficult to carry two-three different bags for my painting sessions. Going out without camera is just impossible nowadays. So, I decided to go for a tab, which is easy to carry. I can take snaps. I can even jot down some moments while returning back.

Even enquired about it with my friends, but no proper clues.And now I was wathching this video. This is just amazing, just like my dream come true.

Though I do not play games. My intention of buying tab is totally different. My requirement was it should be light weight, with good processor and dual camera.

Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is a 8 inch display tab which comes with 1280 by 800 mega pixel resoultion.The metal linning on left and right side is availale for this tab. Tab comes with the usb port, charging port and volume post as we expect usually. It comes with intel CPU of 1 GFB ram and 8gb of ROM. I can go for various apps as the storage capacity is around 3.6 GB of free storage. Its network connection and call quality is good , so can be used as a mobile in rare case. It gives us a decent performance and we can do moderare level of processes with it while travelling. It is a good 3g calling tablet .

The loudpeaker is too loud so, enjoying music while painting will be fun , as I usually do. And with Micromax Canvas Tab P666 I can share this enjoyment with my friends too. It has two loudspeakers for this tab, so we get the fantstic sound quality.

Since playing hidh defination video is as easy as 123… I can even wath some interesting painting demo also . The other interesting thing about this tab is its viewing angle. I can watch it with any angle without hassle, it is perfectly nice wherever you move it, no issues at all.

And last but not the least I wanted to have easy typing accesibility . So that I can write about my paintings experience while I return back from outdoors. virtual keyboard is fantastic where I can write with my both hands as if I am typing in PC. I must say that this is the best companion for me during outdoor painting sessions.

This post is a indiblogger activity Micromax Canvas Tab P666 which could help me rediscover my painting passion

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