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It was 9 am and I hurriedly entered the lift. I normally reach to office prior to office timing, ohh.. ..Of course…. I used to reach office previously, now after marriage it is bit difficult. I went straight towards my desk. Silently kept my bag and stated working.

Today is my birthday. Normally my aunts and uncle visit our home to wish me. Those days mobiles were not common. Hey it does’t mean I am not too old but still even phones were rarely seen in those days. I always celebrated my birthday with my parents and family.

This was my first job and since I joined this office it was first time I was celebrating my birthday. So was finding it difficult to give sweets to all. Since I was not aware about the office culture, I preferred to keep quiet.

I started working for the day. It was everything as usual. Then, receptionist called me in the reception area, as there was parcel for me. I was wondering what this parcel is. And who send me? The moment I entered reception area, I found florist waiting for me. I accepted the flower and wondered who has sent them. There was one small greeting card with it.

Greeting card was for me, giving me birthday wishes. It was from my office staff. Then everyone from office gathered around me and wished me. It was indeed a great moment for me. This was for first time I got connected with the outside world with emotions. I was always surrounded by my dear ones and close friends. Here, with the new office I met lot of new friends.

I really loved the filmy way of greeting me on my birthday. This was a great emotional deal I received ever. Then as usual we find in other offices, everyone demanded treat from me.

And after few years… this year again I received such “pyarwali deal “from my online friends. I have strict privacy setting for my facebook account, so no one was aware that it’s my birthday. But one of my online friends which we met during Blogadda activity, found out and posted on our group. And once again we all met after a long time and I really enjoyed this “after 10”virtual party. We had a virtual my online friend wishing me and asking for pizza party.

Friends are always needed , to share with , to fight with and to enjoy with. May God bless me with such Pyarwali deal every year.

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