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The common optimism test is “whether a half filled a glass with water is half empty or half filled?” This simple question is not the only way to find whether we are optimist or pessimist. Optimism doesn’t always emerge with positivity.
“The basis of optimism is sheer terror.” ― Oscar Wilde
So as this saying , my lookup story is started with the negativity all around me….

When my Look up story started?
My dad and mom didn’t like my choice of choosing art as my career. They wanted me to have degree and then get marry and settle down. Everyone in y family was of opinion that they could not get proper education, at least my parents are allowing me for higher education. I do respect my parents for everything they did for me. My inner desire to learn the applied art was treated as a foolish thought. But here’s my story how I broke the traditional concept of education and become a self taught artist.

My struggles!
I never ever let any opportunity to learn any new thing about art. Whether it is flower making , craft, candle making or ceramic. I was always feeling that something is missing when I learn a new craft or art. I was always passionate about the water color painting, especially landscapes.
After my marriage, the things were worst than before. Though no one was saying anything against me but at the same time no one was helping me too. I was ready to do all efforts to learn painting. And I never skipped my household responsibilities of a Bahu. Now since my kid can take care of himself, I started devoting my time more for painting. Here again I cannot skip my responsibilities as mother and wife.

If I would have accepted the fact that nothing can change my life now. Painting was my dream once. I was talented but life was cruel for me. All my near and dear ones including my husband were mum for me. The most amazing thing is my brother in law is a commercial artist and I never got any clue about where I lagging in learning the painting. Now I can find out mistakes or understand where I am going wrong and then realize that he must have noticed that mistake few years back. But he did not rectify as he wanted to me to remain puzzled.
Even my other family members would laugh at me… they still laugh at me. Because they are damn sure that I am not going to succeed.

Family is the important pillar. We are incomplete without the family. When the family members are supportive, then we don’t find our struggle as a burden. We can face any challenge with smiling face with supportive loved ones. And I miss this at every stage. Still I have not given up.
I do believe in “Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny” !(Mahatma Gandhi)

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