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I wish my great granny would have been alive today. She was always the inspiration for me and I must agree that I learned to face the difficulties of life with smiling face from her. Being with parents is the most golden moments for me and I faced the real world for first time when I got married.

This sounds like any Saas Bahu serial or any typical Indian Moive , where new Bahu is ill-treated. Yes, I faced the same situation when I married. I was never aware that life is too difficult. Whatever I do none of the family members seems to be happy including my husband. They would not utter a word neither they did any physical harassment. So, it was always difficult for me to explain the situation even to my parents. And our Sanskar force us to accept the compromises as our life. I tried a lot to praise my in-laws and other family members by doing all house hold work, preparing lot of dishes, doing whatever makes them please. I accepted the new eating habits which are followed by them.

Everyone would ask me, you don’t look like a newly married girl. What’s bothering you? Everything is good, husband is good looking, he has permanent job, caring family and so on. This was making me feel that , I am somewhere wrong or maybe I do not match my husband. It was too difficult for me to do all work at house then travel to reach to work place and again come back to do remaining house work. I was feeling as if they wanted a maid for their home. I was feeling a lot pressure physically as well as mentally. And the worst thing was, there was no one to share with all these problems. My friends were too married and were busy with their life. There were no mobiles and other way to connect someone. I was afraid to discuss these with my parents, as they have done lot of expenses for my marriage. But still I tried to discuss with them and they made me quiet by saying I should wait , time is the solution for everything.

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena SikhaoBut, then there was only one person who was with me. And she was my great granny. She was staying with my Mama and would come occasionally to visit us. She made me comfortable and asked me the reason of my silence. She said, “Are you my great granddaughter? And is this 21st century? I don’t like the way you are thinking as if you are in fifties. I lost my husband, but I faced the situation very bravely. I lost my daughter – your granny, and her five kids were orphan including your mother. Can you believe how I have brought up them with no support of relatives? Don’t give up. I am with you. You are not doing any wrong thing. But learn to accept the “NO”s from others. Make this “No” your great strength. My child, I hope I would never see you depressed again.”

Since then, I have never looked back, I never expected any sympathy from anyone. I know life is a hard journey, but my great granny is with me forever with her thoughts. When I will meet her in heavens, she will definitely hug me with proud.

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