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Recently my mobile just showed “fatal error” message and stopped supporting me. Supporting? Yes , smart phones are not just to connect with our loved ones but they have changed our life totally. It is true that with smart phones in hand we are just one tap away from our loved ones. But it is also true that It is no longer device which connects the people, but it’s everything for us diary, alarm, entertainment, games to play and what not.

Since my mobile refused to be with me …. With just two word message left for me… I accepted the fact that I have to choose another device for me. But it was not that easy. I lost all my contact data which I was thinking to have on cloud for long time and unfortunately ignored for so many days. Now digging for all numbers was a daunting job. Even I was habituated to many things like alarms, keeping important notes , to do list, collection of photos in the way I want, play list etc etc.

lost contact


Fortunately my photos were intact as I have transferred them from mobile to pc from time to time. But how to get all contacts back? I kept my whatsapp status” Lost my contact data. Help me to recognize U!” This status helped me a lot, many of my friend messaged me with their names! With mobiles in our hand , we hardly try to remember any one’s phone number now.


I am now learning to use blue tooth or WIFI to fetch data from mobile to pc or external is another way I prefer. I also of an opinion that USB OTG is must have accessory as it connects smart phone easily with pen drive, pc or external hard disk. My old phone taught me a lesson to save contacts with email rather than sim or sd card. For me my old mobile has taught me how to save the data wisely. Do you have any such story with you?

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