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Today’s busy routines don’t allow us to stop in pains too And the name we take when pain hits us is Volini. Whether it swelling, back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain, we rely on Volini spray, gel and ointment. So when I received an invite for blogger’s meet and launch invite for “A new innovation of Volini”, I was surprised what could be the more effective and more reliable than the current products of Volini which we all love. I was more excited to see the new brand ambassadors for the product. The excitement was also to meet two world renowned sports celebrities. We all bloggers were super excited to meet sports celebrities and were guessing who they are.



Subodh Marwah, VP and Head, Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma announced that Sania Mirza and Sunil Chhetri are the new brand ambassadors. And they will launch the new line up of Volini spray with 360 technologies. He further said that pain hinders our performance at personal level as well as social level. The brand is continuously working towards providing innovative solutions for consumers. During research they found that most of the spray is not perfectly reaching at the place where we feel pain. This causes waste of spray and at the same time the person don’t get proper relief after consuming the medicine. Actually we don’t feel as such. But this is what the R&D department of Volini has realized it and came up with the solution for it with 360 degree Volini Spray. This reaches exactly at the places giving more quick pain relief than the normal spray.

What tennis champion Sania Mirza said about the product? “As an athlete, I understand the importance of an effective pain reliever as I battle pain all the time. I push myself to achieve the next level each time and Volini has been my go to pain reliever till now. Today, I am very delighted to be a part of such a trusted brand and its journey to relieve pain from people’s lives. When I am on the court, pain strikes me at any part of the body and this revolutionary 360 degree spray from Volini is the perfect solution as it ensures that athletes like me get effective relief at all angles of use.”

What Football champion Sunil Chhetri said about the product? “I am thrilled to be associated with Volini. The game is getting faster and faster and being a striker I rely on absolute flexibility in movement so it is great to see Volini come up with an innovation that takes care of 360 degree solution to instant pain relief; be on field or off field”


The new Volini Spray with 360 degree technology products are available in 40 gm(MRP of Rs 108), 60 gm (MRP of Rs 163) and , 100 gm packs (MRP of Rs 218).

We all bloggers were happy to see Sania Mirza and Sunil Chhetri in front of us. We were also contributed for the special contest during the launch event. Two of my friend’s expressed their pain stories and won the prices. This was indeed a excellent event by Volini with lot of surprises and excitements for us.


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