How he renewed his life?

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He was getting ready for office. He arrived in hall. He peeped through the kitchen door. And found her busy in getting Tiffin ready for kids. He found his tiffin ready on dining table along with his breakfast. He finished his breakfast and waited for some time and hoped she will come and talk to him.

He then said goodbye to kids and her and left for office. Though everything seems normal, he found that something is missing between him and her. She is not at attentive to him. She doesn’t find time to be with him. Is it because she is too busy? Or she is neglecting him purposely.

Today was their anniversary and there was no sign that she remembers it. How she could forget about our anniversary, he thought. People always say that women never forget important dates of their lives. Is it because I cannot devote time to her like I did in initial days of marriage? Last few months I could not help her and managing household work is not that easy. I should come out from my problem and pay attention to her needs. I really love her, I cannot see her unhappy. I need to do something for her, so that she will realize it. I really need to share her difficulties. We have not attended any family function for last so many months. I could not take her to long vacations too. Oh.. we have not even gone for movie for long time!

Today is special day for both of us. This is the great opportunity to bring her back and see a smile on her face. What can I do to please her? Something new which no one has ever gifted to his wife!!!

He called her and asked to visit the dance class of their kids, as the dance teacher wanted to discuss with all parents regarding some event. She reached to dance class thinking whether kids are performing well or not. On the way, she met other parent who also had their kids in same dance academy. But they refused to have received any such phone call. She entered the dance class studio wondering why all parents are not contacted.

When she reached there, there was a great surprise waiting for her. She saw famous Anushka Manchanda singing a wonderful song for her and her husband smiling and throwing a fling kiss towards her. That’s not all, even beautiful dance movements of Allu Arjun mesmerized her. And finally he saw a cute smile on her face, which he was missing for so long. The great energy of famous talent Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda could only do this magic!

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