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Since my childhood, I am fascinated by drawing and painting. Unfortunately, I could not make it my career nor I could gain any technical knowledge of it. However, I believe in “It’s never too late to start” I kept on practicing in my own way at own pace. I was aware that, whatever efforts I was doing, were not up to the mark. I was unable to understand the reason, what is missing in my paintings and where I am going wrong in efforts.

And suddenly, there had been a twist in my life. I met a group of artist who go on plein air paintings on weekends. I joined them, just to watch them painting. But the more I attended the outdoor , more I got frustrated with myself. Forget about the painting….. I  lost the confidence totally that I could ever do at least a sketch.

Then it happened like “bhagwan ke ghar main der hai, andher nahi” If you try, God will always help you…..At one session, I was mesmerized by paintings of a boy, Ankur. While returning from session, I was just listening to his tips that he was sharing with his friends. To my surprise, he answered my queries too. Since then, I have troubled him a lot.

I went to buy paints and got confused as shopkeeper kept lot of options in front of me. All I could do was, take help of Ankur before buying them. So I messaged him along with the snap of paints available in store. He immediately sent me a snap of paint-box cover that he has. And suggested to go for the same paints. I still wonder how he has managed it while he is in office. Anywayzzzzzzzzzz.. Same way he guided me through whatsapp regarding painting too. Who says Apps are spoiling us? Apps work like wonders! Ankur has always guided me regarding basic accessories like paper, brush and paints. Then I realized that, I was not just bad with my techniques but I was using wrong material too.

Being a busy businessman, he doesn’t get time to attend all the weekends. But, in his next visit, he allowed me to follow all his steps of painting. It was literally a spoon feeding for me. He also gave me a small demo of painting. I learned a lot from him right from perspective to composition and sketching to coloring techniques.

Ankur inspired me a lot in initial stages when I lost my confidence. He is man of inspiration for me. If ever I could draw a single good sketching or painting, then all credit goes to Ankur. He is a man of #innersteel and  No doubt …. #MyRoleModel.

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