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We all enjoy festival of colors…. Holi….Where we enjoy colors of joy, friendship, love, happiness….Every year we paint our self with different colors of life. Same way I am enjoying since I have landed in the world of paints, painting and drawing. I love painting and I love watching others while painting.

This joy is sprinkled on me by various angles those are busy with their canvas and palette. Their painting becomes special due to various reasons. The reality is that some special kind of papers makes a painting special and in some cases the most of the time the paintings becomes special due to the paper they use. Sometimes the brush and other accessories play an important role. For me a person who does a lot of experiments is a real gem. I must say, such persons should be our role model. Why? Simple… they boost us…. They inspire us… they provide us a base to do further experiment……

I have met such wonder, we call him Ram…. That’s his name, why we call him Ram…. And he is my color friend…….. Oooooo….the word”color friend” is from my dictionary like we have pen friend, school friend…. The friend who are with me in journey of colors are color friends…..

I have seen Ram experimenting with different texture of papers and different accessories. He is extraordinary good in using any paper (normal artist wont dare to use) He is no doubt a good artist. But he has not limited himself to any specific accessories or medium. His hunger to experiment with different kind of painting techniques inspired me a lot. I have seen him experimenting something different and still creating a wonder every time. Whenever, I see any of Ram’s painting, I know there is surely some story behind it. For me Ram is a #rolemodel of experiments.

I will never stop myself by just creating a simple good painting…. I will keep on experimenting like Ram .

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