A magical bowl of Quaker Oats

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After BNLF, there were no grand indimeets in Mumbai and we all blamed indi team on forum all these days. Actually there was one indimeet which I missed some time ago, so I was anxious to meet all my fellow bloggers for #QuakerBowl.

The Quaker Bowl Bloggers meet was at JW Marriot – Juhu on Sunday ,10th April, 2016. Nowadays I am gaining weight all of a sudden and very much conscious about exercise and diet…. That’s the other reason I didn’t want to miss this nutrition talk. We all were sure that it will not just be an informative nutrition talk but it is surely going to be a fun event too. And we all were super excited to face all kind of surprise at this event. We all enjoyed being at vending machine giving us free chips and soft drink.


Indi crew Anup entered the hall with his enthusiastic talk and he asked us to gather near the stage to welcome the first surprise of the event. At the same time we were puzzled to see video of “Angel by Taher Shah” on the screen. And then there arrived the indi angel Vinit on the stage. It was all fun doing our regular exercise “HOOR Hoor”…


Still we all were unaware that which Celebrity Chef will be with us now. And then we welcomed with loud applause the Hottest Chef of America, none other than Vikas Khanna. It was really happiest moment for me to see him walking by me with his cute smile. He is now been appointed as brand ambassador by Pepsico for Quaker Oats. It was all fun listening to his Punjabi pindh di memories and off course the informative tips for nutrition food and importance of oats in our life. Then we had a quiz time where he showered lot of gift hampers to my blogger friends, as usual..no gifts for me. Then we also had fun challenge where one had to guess the ingredients of soup. Randomly selected bloggers by Vikas took this challenge to note all the ingredients in one minute.

vikas 2

Then we had an amazing activity where we had to cook innovative dish for ourselves. For that we were divided into 12 groups having 10 members in each group. Each group has to make delicious recipe with oats for which there were 5 tables waiting for us to create oats history. Each table was having chopped vegetables, nicely cut fruits, chocolate sauce, jiggery and other ingredients required for sweet as well as salty dish. All teams cooked the amazing dishes. Vikas tasted all the dishes and then declared the team no 10 as winner.


Meanwhile I was busy talking with my blogger friends, I missed groupies and selfies with him. So my friend Anam took me to Vikas, for selfie. However, with his cute smile he said, Not here … I will be come to your table. He really came with us , sat with us , had fun and talked about oats and we had a awesome selfie.

Delicious brownies and curry made of oats were waiting at Lunch table, so we proceeded towards it and then headed towards home with lot of sweet memories.

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