Kitna Chain Hota Hai Na Sachchai Mein

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It was busy day as usual… I was explaining the client regarding the delay of payment. I kept the receiver and at the same time was entering bills data in Tally. Just had a glance at the wages sheet of site workers and noted whose salary is balance, who has taken advance this month and so as to send the details to administration department.

Suddenly my boss entered and asked me “what is the outstanding of Amit Trading ? As Tally account was open in front of my desk, I looked at it and told him “It’s 45000/-“

“Fine, deduct TDS and make his final payment right now” As usual I said , “Yes sir, let me check it once and I will make the cheque” “NO….just make the cheque of the same amount… why you want to check it again? And I am here just for 15 minutes”

I was shocked the way he said it… I prepared the cheque and taken his signature. I was not aware that someone from Amit trading will immediately come to collect it. I did not get time to recheck the status and had to just hand over the cheque to him.

I just thought to recheck the status of Amit trader’s outstanding. And then I felt that someone should kill me right now. There was a difference of 24000/- … That cheque amount was excess with 24000/- Actually it happened that, the bill was entered of the same amount. And after two months the same goods were returned. However, my Accountant head suggested me not to delete that bill from system instead will raise a debit note. And the same was not done by him as he said he will do after talking with the Accounts director.

I was shivering like anything…. I never made any payment without double checking the status.And normally we use to make lumsum payment to this party. We never settled their account against billing. Why he insisted me to make the exact amount of cheque, when we never made their final payment previously? Did my boss done it purposely? Whether my boss wants to prove that I accepts bribe from clients for releasing payment? But, I saw him going out as he said earlier, so it was coincident? I was afraid and could not decide how should I proceed now? Whom should I explain the situation? And does anyone will believe it? And what if he receives the call from owner of Amit Traders regarding this? Shall I contact Amit traders directly and request to return the cheque? In any situation I am going to lose the trust, what should I do?

Then I decided finally and knocked the cabin….Boss was about to leave and he was still angry. For a moment I thought to be mum right now, otherwise he will get wild. But then finally I uttered” sir, I have something to tell you”
“No. I am being late, we will speak it tomorrow”

“Sir, the cheque I prepared was wrong”

“ I knew it, you have not deducted TDS, right? I told you in the beginning, how you forgot?”

I just looked at his red eyes and said “ Sirrrrrrrrrrrr, I made cheque with excess amount…..but I can explain you , how it happened”

There was a silence for 20-30 seconds and I said “ Sir , do you think I am accepting money for releasing payments” And I was about to cry.

After 10 seconds, he laughed loudly and said “No problem, manisha, I will talk to Amit”
And he opened the door. While going out of cabin he said” Never ever think that I would ever doubt you. I believe you a lot”

Escaping from accepting the truth is just a temporary solution. I always try to face the truth, whatever is the condition, whoever is the person next to me. My attitude has given be lot of true friends. Even my boss is now ex-boss, but he is my friend too. Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein?

Kinley, trusted brand for packaged drinking water has rolled out their communication campaign “Boond Boond Mein Sachchai”. The theme is highlighting the importance of honesty and trust. How ‘Honesty -the best policy’ can bring transparency in relationships? I am a part of this campaign as I believe that Kinley has stood for purity over the years. Kinley is the leading brand that has become a trusted household name in India. And now this campaign, has focused on everyday events, which gives you realization that you can truly be at peace by being honest.

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