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Its June month…I could see shops with umbrellas, raincoats, school uniforms and notebooks crowded as always. But now I am not the part of that crowd. For past 12 years when my kid was in school, I was one among them finding right things for my kid. Now he is grown up. He does not require me to buy dress, books, tiffin-box and water bottle for him. He prefer to go along with his friends. He do not need for his shopping. He do not like to carry umbrella with him….And I don’t utter a word that I care about him. I really feel he should not get wet , but I keep quite. As I understand he requires his space and I must allow that him.

Every parent wishes everything good for their kid’s life. We provide them with the best things that we can. Kid’s pre-primary and primary years are so exciting for us, as a parent. I still remember the first day of nursery of my kid. I took him to school, lot of instructions for him how to sit and how to behave in school. And not forgotten to tell him he will get lot of time to play in school and will also get lot of mates there. He was happy as he has to play with me.

However, he was unhappy as the very first day he has to write standing lines and sleeping lines. Then slowly I prepared him regarding the school term. He has to also learn and study. For first fifteen days , I was going along with him and waiting for him outside the school. Then the school staff restricted me to wait outside the school. They said don’t worry about your kid , we will take care of him. How he will adjust in the new environment of school, how he will study so many books, why school requires so much study? … all these foolish questions were always with me.

It took 3 years for me to adjust being without my kid for three- four hours a day. I was worried when I have to send him school with sad face and carrying heavy school bag. And now… he is independent person and do not require my help for anything. This desperately reminded me, how I use to ask my dad not to be with me for first day of school. I was feeling awkward when my dad use to come with me for first day. Now I realized that my dad was real hero ! He was there with me always whether it was first day of school or first day of college. That is just because he was cared about me a lot, the same way I am caring about my kid.


It really took long way to understand my dad! May be this happens with every generation…. I never thanked him for that …but what can I do now to express my love? Probably the only thing which I desperately need from my kid right now… A tight hug…yes only a simple hug can convey all my thoughts to him. I should not miss this moment to convey my emotions and my love to him… Today calling him is not enough… I just need to take one step and say thank you to my dad with a simple hug!

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

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