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Gadgets are becoming a inevitable part of our fast lifestyle. Many of us carry a gadget even when they are enjoying their vacations. But sometimes gadgets and technology helps a lot specially fro trekkers and backpackers. So our gadgets are no longer luxury now. It helps us, it guide us, it makes our life easier and tension free.

I do travel for my outdoor painting and always find it difficult to carry camera, phone along with my other painting accessories. So I am desperately looking for a gadget which will be easier to carry, light weight and with lots of great features. Here is my two choices from Asus. One sleek and powerful EeeBook X205TA and the other is ultra portable All In One PC ET2040. Let me find out which one would be best for my lifestyle.

My first criteria is lightweight and Asus EeeBook has passed it very well. I can carry it with me easily as it just weight 1 kg. Handling in travel will no be much issue with Asus EeeBook X205TA . Again, its battery life is 12 hours for web browsing, 13 hours for music playing and 11 hours of video playing.

At the same time I checked features of Asus All In One PC ET2040 too and found out that it it comes with various ports like HDMI. So , here the connectivity with any device is possible. So if some one handover camera card and want to check the photos , it would be great with different posts availability of this device by Asus. As its slogan says , it’s a first choice as a family computer.

Now both this dvices are making me difficult and difficult to decide my true companion. I think for my outdoor painting and travelling purpose , I should go for Asus EeeBook X205TA. And for my home purpose I should select Asus All In One PC ET2040. The reson for selecting ET2040 for home is its big screen. Editing videos, making presentation or creating power point presentations is much easier.

So when it comes to selection between these two options of my favorite brand Asus, it is quite confusing. But as per my choices I would give preferance to Asus All In One PC ET2040 for house. With big screen, affordable price, windows 8 option where I am too comfortable. For my outdoor requirement just Asus EeeBook is enough… no carrying camera … no too heavy stuff while roaming. Plus Asus EeeBook has tremendous battery life so even if any where I am not able to charge it for long… no worries with Asus EeeBook in my hand.

Did I told you about Office 365’s free subscription , it is for one year.

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