A second chance called Tomorrow.

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Life goes on … and goes on … we face lot of problems…we do lot of struggle…sometimes we win and sometimes we have no other options than to face failures. However, when we look back and think about the compromises we have done in our life. And then always wish that is it possible to get a second chance? BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance has given us, all the bloggers, the chance to write about three things that we have been putting off for future. This gave me a chance to sit and think about three things that would have changed my life, if I would get the second chance to do it… To my surprise the list was huge….And made me realized that why I have kept all these things on waiting list. I still can aim to fulfill it… It is never too late to start a new life.

Offer-You-Second-ChanceWhen I was in seventh standard , I wanted to learn Bharat Natyam. But was afraid to ask my parents. I was so shy then, that I never thought I can learn the dance and I could perform. Still, I dared to ask my mom , that my few friends have joined dance classes. Before I said anything my mom replied, you should not depend on others what they do, you should feel it inside you. According to her I do paintings good and thinking about dance is a waste of time. I do participate in residential curricular activities. I also have participated in college. But somewhere I feel that I missed that learning from gurus and if I get a second chance to learn dance…. I will never miss it.

During Ganesh festival , we always visited Ramkrishna uncles house. He use to invite his classical singer friends during those ten days stay of God Ganesha. I still remember all those mesmerizing memories. By observing my great interest in music, he suggested me to learn musical instrument. I still love table and I boosted my son to learn it and made him to appear for tabla exams too. However, the inner desire to learn table is still there. If I would get the second chance , then I am surely going to learn tabla.

My art passion. I love to do paintings. But I never been to any art school. If I would get a chance to attend the Art scool then I would really believe that Miracles do happen. But I truly believe that Life always give you a second chance , it is called Tomorrow.

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