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Recently I purchased Asus foenpad 8 and I connected with android. I always find comfortable with windows operating system, hence I was using windows phone. However, with new tab in hand I learned various new things about Android too. I was unnecessarily afraid of using Android.

Since I was using tab for first time , I thought I wasted money in buying it as it has very slow net connectivity. Initially, I thought that the issue was due to network connectivity. The problem did not solved even after I got  my WiFi connected. I was wondering what could be the reason? As usual I surfed a lot to find out various tips that can save my time and help me out in getting fast connectivity. Then one day one of my tech-savy friends introduced me with various Android apps for the safety of phone and also about UC browser .


And then I realized the great difference. Till now I was using traditional browser (seems new concept for browser…. Don’t you?) chrome. But since when I downloaded the UC browser from It was like miracle for me. Browsing internet became as easy as 1- 2- 3 with my UC browser. It has simple user interface which makes surfing smoother. Surfing and checking tweets, updates in facebook or even hangout experience is awesome. It is popular among Android users now.

Whatever gadget I buy for my self , within few weeks it’s ownership changes automatically. My son becomes the new owner for that every gadget I buy!  Same happened with tab too. He is a cricket lover. He cannot watch his favorite matches as he has to attend the classes. So few months back ,during the IPL season, my son requested me to give me my tab to watch cricket. Since then my tab has become “ his tab”. But I learned many things from him. I was curious why he is insisting on taking tab and unbelievably the reason was the UC browser .

He then showed me that browser has a dedicated section for cricket lovers. I am sharing this for my cricket lover friends that how they can easily get lot of information with UC Cricket. The below video is also enough to find out more about #YuviSurfsUC

It’s a complete cricket hub providing you lot of information like commentaries, live scores, statistics, lot of photos and videos along with interviews and much more. The reminder about every match is the best feature of UC Cricket. This helps you to set alert on clicking yellow bell on the right side. This feature will it has You get a reminder2.To make sure you can follow a series religiously, UC Cricket provides a reminder feature that will send you a notification before every match. You will get notification fifteen minutes before the match starts. It also connects you to other cricket lovers around the globe via comment section.

I am happy that my son is enjoying his study along with watching cricket, offcourse with the superfast UC Cricket by UC browser.

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