Artificial flowers for home decor

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Nowadays parents tend to keep busy their kids by sending them to vacations classes or hobby classes. Kids find it boring to sit ideal at home. Creativity is good way to boost them for creating something new by themselves. When they see they can create their own greeting card or can create something best out of waste, they find it very interesting. Boosting your kids creativity helps them to learn new things.

There are lots of ideas which can boost creative potential of your kids with rewardme . Artificial flowers making is an innovative idea for home decor. I hope this may help your kids to create their own artificial bouquet for your home decor.

What material you require for this unique bouquet? Satin ribbon of yellow, orange, pink, green Color. Green color is used to create leaves and other colors are for flower making. You can use satin cloth for creating different shapes of leaves. You also require soft wire to tie the flower. For making crepe paper is also a good medium. You get different shades of crepe paper , you will also find double shaded crepe paper which gives realistic effect to flowers. Gum and thread to tie the flowers.

organdi satin crape flowers

Process of making satin flowers: The process of making satin flowers is very simple. You need to fold the ribbon in triangle shape and next triangle fold will be at opposite direction. This has to be continued till you see the shape of rose. And then tie the end of satin ribbon to soft wire. Using gum and thread you can tie this flower to soft wire. Wrap the soft wire with green crepe paper to give a look of steam. Once your kids learn this , he/she can make a flower in just 10 minutes.

Process of making crepe paper flowers: For this you need to cut the crape paper in peal shape. The ideal size would be 5 x 2 cms. After cutting around 8- 10 petal shape crepe paper, stretch each petal in horizontal direction. This will give it a natural petals look. Then you need to tie all these petals to a soft wire with the help of thread and then fasten them with the gum.

Then using your own creativity , you can create different types of bouquet of flowers. In the arrangement showed in the picture I have used satin flowers, crepe paper flowers and leaves. You can decorate by creating various combination of this artificial flowers.

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