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Choose to be optimistic, it feels better. ~  Dalai Lama

This courageous quote shows us the path of being always happy. But it becomes very difficult to be always optimistic in our stressful life. The sentence “ I am optimist” , is partially true. It is not just my point of view. But it is universal truth that there is someone behind us , always encouraging us and providing us the positive thoughts. There could be one person or many, pushing us to act optimistically.

It’s true for me too. During the journey of life I met lot of bad people and lot of good people. Bad people hurt me and at the same time made me stronger. Good people helped me, supported me and made me happy. Good people are with me, in my thought and deed.

When I utter the word “optimist” or #together, the only person I remember is my friend, Shilpa. Past few years, she is not with me as she has moved to other city. However, we are always connected with each other through social media and phone. I never felt that she is away from me.

I remember her most on my birthday. And there is very special reason for it. I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. In fact I feel so awkward on birthday specially, accepting wishes and saying thanks to all. Even I restrict posts on my fb wall to avoid bombarding of wishes.

That particular year my birthday was on Saturday. On Friday itself Shilpa called me and told me that she is coming to meet me. Since it was weekend and she was coming in the morning, I thought to make some special lunch for her.

Since she was coming to my place for first time, I went to receive her at bus depot. The moment she met me, she wished me for my birthday. It was so warming and right from her heart. I was never ever happy before while accepting birthday wishes. She was also holding a surprise gift for me. It was cute small purse. I don’t remember when I was gifted in such manner, last time. May be during my childhood…

That was indeed a special day for me. No one ever took so much care of mine after my marriage. In such busy life, she took so much effort to come to meet me. I wonder, she could have simply called me and wished.

It was such a cute gesture by Shilpa that gave me a strength that I am still loved by someone. That special day and the time I spent with her is unforgettable. Whenever I feel depressed, I remember that special moment which gives me courage and the feeling that I am not neglected and still someone, somewhere needs me.

True friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them.~ Michael Bassey Johnson

When I saw this quote, I found the reason for the mystery why we are blessed with friends. A few people whom we meet are angelic and they just don’t see any deficit in us. They just see all the positive things in us. Shilpa always support me and encourage me in my difficulties.
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