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What is happiness?
Happiness has various shades. Babies are happy when they see their mother. Mom finds her happiness in her kid’s smiling face. Kids are happy when they see the playground. It’s a different story that the new gen kids are happy with tech games! Boss is happy when his tender is accepted. Staff is happy with salaries and perks…. In short, the definition of happiness changes from person to person.

Happiness is all about doing something for someone or for yourself which brings a smile on your face. It also includes love and hope towards mankind. Dr Prakash Amte’s happiness lies in helping needy people. His love towards animals is well known. He created a new world in Hemlkasa while struggling with adverse conditions. But he is not bothered about what difficulties he faced but is happy with what he gave to others…. that’s called happiness.

What is happiness for me?

P.C. indiblogger
P.C. indiblogger

For me every second that I live with positive energy is happiness. When I see the smiling face of the person I am with, that’s what happiness for me. I cannot write a big story that made me happy. But I have few moments of my happiness to share with you.

Last Sunday I had been to Khotachiwadi ( a part of Mumbai ) for outdoor session. Three –four kids were playing cricket, at the place where I sat for my painting. They were curious in what I was doing. Around after an hour, one of those kids sat beside me and started watching me painting. He asked me several questions, but he was not happy with what I am doing. Since the painting was in initial stages, I kept quiet. He went back and started playing again with his friends. He then came back, and I saw a nice smile on his face. He said “Pehle apne bahot ganda banaya tha( You have messed with your paining previously) Ab mast banaya hai (Now it looks nice) I was happy , not because he said my painting is good, but because my painting has earned a million dollar smile on the face of that kid.

I need to travel from auto, train and then metro to reach office. I noticed that a eunuch catches the same train from Kurla, everyday. Now she knows me, sometime I give her money , sometimes I don’t. The moment she see me in train, she give a smile, bless me and then proceed. Is that because I give her money? No… it’s because I speak with her, I spend few moments from my busy life to notice her existence. Her smile makes me happy too.

We can make our life happy with spreading a smile on others face. It doesn’t cost much. You don’t have to spend money, you don’t have to find the needy people. They are around us. Every person whom we meet during the journey is a bunch of happiness. We need to recognize it, once it becomes a habit. It’s all easy. Happiness is within us and we can spread it very easily with our simple act.

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