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Search Engine Optimization is an activity which involves optimizing whole site or a particular web page to make it more search engine friendly. SEO does help in promoting the sites; however it requires some technical knowledge like basic HTML. So SEO is considered as the technical part of internet marketing. SEO helps to increase the traffic to your sites but it is not advertising.

So what is exactly Search Engine Optimization?

Basics of SEO

SEO does not have fixed rules because even after doing lots of efforts there is no guarantee that you will rank top. At the same time if you neglect any basic rule, this definitely will not go unnoticed.

Money Saving Vs. Time Consuming

Sometimes your few efforts gives you a lot, this is generally in the case where you are targeting for rare keywords – completion for such keywords are less- which makes you rank high. But in most cases, where the keyword is high in demand, you need to pay particular attention. Now you need to know how search engine works.

How Search engine works?

Another truth is that search engines are not humans. You have to do some study how it works. Search engine are text-driven creatures, they do not feel the beauty of the webpage, and they do not enjoy the videos and sounds. Instead they crawl the page to find out the subject of site. If your site is full of flash movies and images, then the site is not crawled. What if site is not crawled by the search engines?

Steps how Search engine works

Generally search engine perform the work of crawling through software called spider or crawler. The spider or crawler crawl your site, index it and then comes the processing, calculating and retrieving. Now you understand that what will happen if your site is not crawled by the spider. So if you want to optimize your site you must have an idea how search engine will work. You can fix a particular strategy after knowing this fact. The most important is the content. The spider of search engine just understands the text written, nothing else.

We can say in simple words that SEO is to understand the process of search engine and follow those rules that will please the search engine spiders or robots.


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