When I conquered my fear

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Nowadays monsoon starts late. When I was a kid, we usually knew that school will restart after vacations and at the same time rainy season will also start. The rainy season was too different when I was kid. I use to make paper boats, getting wet in first rain and pushing leg hard in mud water were my favorite pass time then.

413697_2189418751868_1436045096_oAs we grow, our likings also changes. The same happened with me for my rainy season liking. When I was in college, I had a great fight with my dad as I wanted to for hiking. And daddy didn’t give me permission. Then my unfulfilled wish of trekking was forgotten for so many years. I was lost in married life and upbringing my son. Surprisingly, my brother-in-law do arrange treks, he also is a good trekker. Sill I didn’t have the opportunity to go for trekking.

And now, when my son is grown up and I decided to give justice to my inner wishes. And recently I got the opportunity too. The trek was to Dudhani, Panvel. Since this place is nearby from my place, I decided to join it. I reached at Panvel by seven pm and from there our group members boarded on a bus which goes to Dodhani village. We reached there within forty-five minutes at the village. And from there we had to trek to Matheran sunset point.

In the beginning, I was excited to see the greenery everywhere, small waterfalls, green paddy, and small huts. I was enjoying till it was just climbing the hill. But after we walked around one and half hour, it started raining heavily. And walking became difficult with heavy raindrops on face and red muddy water flowing. I was feeling difficult walking with my wet clothes. The Winchester I was wearing was actually of no use, instead of protecting me it was making walking difficult for me.

182156_451662121524532_425976322_nWe were almost on the top, we could see it but we were just 15-20 minutes away from the sunset point of Matheran. But it was the difficult patch. We were almost reached the top, so there was hardly 1 ft way to walk. I could see the deep valley to my right hand side. And nothing to hold as the left hand side was just like wall. And that was the moment, I thought not to go ahead. I was never felt so frightened. I blamed myself  hundred times for joining trek. Then I felt, I am too old to accept such physical challenges. I thought I am going to die, even if I go any step further. However, my inner spirit pushed me to accept this challenge and for 10 seconds I closed my eyes. And then stepped forward…. and within 10 minutes I was on the top. That was the most amazing moment of my life!

However my team members were so nice, they helped me to reach the top of the mountain. When I reached there, that was the moment….. I could see fog everywhere and I was floating in the fog.That was the amazing moment in my life. And I learned how to overcome with all our fear. I would like to thanks all my team members who helped me to reach the top.

I still wonder what was the amazing thing which pulled me out from that fear.One must always learn to take risks in life to succeed !


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