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My neighbor is professional teacher, but she has left her school job and started taking home tuition’s. However, she is dedicated teacher and always cares about her students teaching. She conducts competitions for her students to boost them. She is very creative in conducting such competitions.


Recently she was discussing with me that gifting pen or colors doesn’t sound professional and want to introduce something new which can boost her students as well and can be with them forever. According to me trophies, medals or award Ribbons could be great option for her. For that I suggested her  customized trophies online portal  which would be benefitial for her.


She was glad that she can now reward her student achievers for their academic activities like music, spelling, reading etc. They offer various purpose ribbons which can be given to students who stood 1st to 10th place. My teacher friend is very happy with this website having lot of options of ribbons, medals and trophies for her.

image credit quicktrophy dot com


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