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Smart phones are not just the requirement of tech guys, but it is become a necessity for everyone in today’s technology era. The advanced technology is making multi tasking more easier every day.

Since I started using smart phone, checking email, social media updates, sending mails, likes and comments are on my fingertips. I need not have to login through my pc and then check the daily updates. So I really love the smart phone apps which save our time and made connecting people convenient. It is not that apps are just for updates but it helps us in many ways. We need not have to stand in queue for train reservations, for booking cinema tickets or visit mall to do shopping.

I found one fantastic app for Airtel users. It is just unbelievable that using app can be so easy , convenient and much faster. Why you should download this App? There are many reasons, but I would like to describe the best 3 features of this Airtel App.

#1  #Iwantto
i want toAirtel app comes with this fantastic feature called “ I want to”. It makes our to-do list easier with this feature. There are options like buy, recharge, order, pay, record or view. So we can have lots of shortcuts for recording a program, ordering games, checking balance and data usage or we can view our recharge history too.

In our busy schedule this feature comes handy to remind us about our net data and its payment dues and various mobile related issues which we might forget and can mess up our daily routine. When I call my mom or friend, our talk is endless. And when middle of the conversation, when I find that I have no more balance then it really makes us unhappy. To avoid this sudden disconnection with dear ones, I wished that there should be someone who will help me to track account usage and service requests. And this app does it perfectly.

#2 #SafeNsecurePayments
We all are habituated to online payments now. But the most difficult part is how these online payments are safe for us. But with Airtel App , the payments are done with safe and secure manner.

My Airtel shake#3  #shakeyourphone
Checking newspaper or advertising pamphlets to find out exclusive offers in cities is now an old fashion. The new feature of ‘shake your phone’ for exclusive offers is mind blowing. I really loved the way this app tell us the various offers like cash back , full talktime, free data . You also will get’Airtel Surprises’ coupons with your every recharge.

Being a tech savy person , I really addicted to being connected with net all the time and that’s why I love it’s interesting feature called one touch internet service. You can download the app and enjoy a seamless experience

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