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A house is made of stone and wood. But Home is made of Love. Love for each other and love for each & every corner of house. Home is the place of people stay there and we have always a soft corner for our home. We realize it when we go out for vacations. How relaxed we feel when we return home! Why I am talking so much about Home? I received an invitation by blogadda along with other few Mumbai bloggers to visit Godrej Interio. This was an interesting event as RJ Mallishka shared her experience about how Godrej Interio has transformed her house.

Venue: Godrej Interio Showroom, Godrej Bhavan 4A, Home Street, Mumbai



From my childhood we are familiar with brand Godrej for cupboards, locks and refrigerators. So, was sure that I would see the extra ordinary job done by Godrej in interiors too. As expected, I could feel that trust each and every installation in showroom whether it is for bedroom, kids room or living room. Along with that we were mesmerized to see the video shown how Malishka’s home was transformed dramatically. She shared her experience, how she has selected her “mera wala purple” and how the whole job was done in just 3 days by Godrej before she leaves for her vacations for Bali.


After the interaction with Malishka , we enjoyed the various set-ups in showroom for the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the bedroom. Each setup is perfectly designed for customer’s convenience, safety and budget. As well as the space factor was taken proper care by Godrej.


Here are few pics which I have taken. I just loved this plugin with red color. Speciality of this lounge mattress is that it has in built woofer sound system with reading light on the right side of plugin. This is the perfect place for relaxation. Mobile music playlist can be heard with sound system while relaxing.



The other interesting dining room setup I loved is Sizzle. Its round in shape and color combination is red and black. With this we can dine with worm food. Normally we think that square tables are preferred in busy cities like Mumbai which saves space. But you will find this round dining table also is a space saver. The chairs are too comfortable. It has Susan mechanism where serving hot food becomes easy. Also it is helpful with the rotating center. You need not have to rush in kitchen to serve hot food and can enjoy with your guests.


goodiesGodrej Interio also have elegant designs for whatever shape of kitchen you have, whether it is straight kitchen, parallel kitchen, L shaped kitchen and U shaped kitchen. You will find flexible portable workspace options too which will really help you to transform your workspace and home amazingly.We just had wonderful evening with RJ Malishka at Godrej Bhavan. We also received wonderful goodies from Godrej. It’s a fresh pink bedshit, pillow cover with tiny pillows.Do visit once and get the experience yourself.

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