Why Link Building is important?

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Link building is the most important aspect of search engine ranking. To get proper results of link building, you need to know what is link building, what are effective ways of it, which ways are of more importance. Proper study of all these points will help you to come up with an unique link building strategy for your website

In general Link building can be defined as the process of getting links from other website pointing to your website through various methods. It is frequently asked that why Is Link Building Important?
1.    Link building helps in getting search engine visibility
2.    Link building provides credibility for your site
3.    It helps in getting your website indexed.
4.    Quality link building provides authority to your site.
5.    Link building creates awareness for your site among visitors
6.    It provides quality traffic which ultimately increases sales.

Which aspects to be considered while Link Building?

The anchor text is very important aspect to be taken care while creating links. Try to use varied anchor text while Link Building.  PR of website which links to your website is another important thing. Try to get at least twenty percent of your back links from high PR sites. Most probably it should be PR 5 and more. The links from related website as well as from related pages are of more importance.  Apart from the placement of link is of equally important. E.g.whether the link is from top of the page or from text body, whether it is at footer or in navigation , all these factors affects the whole link building strategy.

One way link building is treated as good as compared to two way link building. Three way linking is better than reciprocal linking. Apart from placement , IP is another important aspect in link building. Links from different locations have more importance than links from same locations.

The link builder has to be very conscious, when we talk about the time factor. The link building should be done gradually. The constant and continuous efforts give nice results.  Again , all efforts should not be done for home page, inner pages link  building is another important aspect in link building. Links from bad neighbourhood s well as from link farms are harmful for your site. Language is equally important while we consider the authority of links. The link should be form the same language website that of yours. It is always better to have combination of links from old trusted sites as well as new sites. And lastly the age of link which saves your website from sandbox.

Understanding your link profile and studying it will definitely help you to reach at right link building strategy for your website.

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