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As usual I was taking my art classes on weekends and my students saw the empty packs of Colgate toothpaste. The moment they saw it, they asked my permission to open it and see them. Each pack has few pictures of sea creatures and more with dotted line. As those dotted lines are the indications to cut those pics. Kids can easily cut them and play with it. It also helps them to learn new things and explore their imaginations. I was wondering what they are going to do with it. But nowadays kids are too smart. They started telling me the story. These cutouts really make kids to weave interesting stories with their imagination.

This reminded me about my son when he was kid, I use to spend lot of time with him playing, telling stories and listening to his stories too. I didn’t have these new Colgate Strong Teeth packs with interesting sea creatures to show him story or make him to weave his own story then. But still those were memorable moments which are still there in my heart.

Once he sat near me with a magazine in his hands. He started laughing loudly while turning the pages, as if he understood what is written inside. For few minutes, I didn’t understand why he is behaving like this. Then I realized that he observed me laughing while reading book as I mostly read comedy stories. There were no comedy shows on television then. So he thought laughing is necessary when we hold book or magazine in our hand. He was so really so cute and innocent while acting like me.

As he grew older, he wanted new stories from me always while going to sleep. And then he will add his thought to that story. When was the last time he told me story? I just don’t remember it, but these beautiful “cut, play & learn “empty packs of Colgate toothpaste tempted me to listen some story from my son once again. I kept those empty packs in front of him and looked at him with smile.


He understood and started his story “Mom, this is dad and he going in search of treasure. “ “But it’s a pirate son?!” “No mom, its Dad , he want to make us happy and going to find deep sea. He is having a parrot which speaks and will help him to find the direction of treasure. He then meets with Dolphin which directs him to the treasure. He fights with killer whale and string ray and collects all the treasure. This is you standing near shore and waiting for Dad”

“Oh ..wow.. son and what this other pics are saying?”


Mom this is our uncle. He heard that our dad returned with lot of treasure. So he also went in search of the treasure too. But he didn’t take anyone with him. He took sword instead. But it helped him as he could fight with the sword fish. He could fight with an octopus with three hearts and who can change his color quickly. So our uncle came back crying. But our dad helped him and gave him some part of treasure too.”


“This is awesome son! Do you have any other story for me?

“Yes mom, when I will grow older, I will also sail in deep sea. But I will not bring any treasure with me. Instead I will go to coral reef where I will meet many new friends. Sea turtle, sea horse, lion fish, dolphin, all these will be my friends.“
These pictures of magical sea creatures on the Colgate packs really made my Day. Listening to stories from son was indeed a happy moment for me.

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