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Image courtesy Sujata Tawde
Image courtesy Sujata Tawde

I was happy to see a special invite from BlogAdda for Axis Digital’ event ,as I missed ‘Axis Acquaintance’ event few months back. I reached the venue in time as I wanted to spent moments with cobloggers too. I met my friend Sujata and she introduced me to new friends Jhilmil and Ondrila. We were warmly greeted by Head Media Relations Ms. Parminder and asked us to enjoy the breakfast before the event start.We all are directed to conference hall then.



What is Ping Pay?
It’s a multi-social application of sending and receiving money. We can ask for money, we can send money or recharge to anyone who is connected with us through whatsapp, facebook, twitter or email. It is a money transfer app along with customized message to whom we are sending money or asking money.


Who can ask money or send money?
This app is for everyone who is in our connection with social channels, email or whatsapp.
Now if my maid needs money, I will get an request from her like “ Madamji aaj mai kam pe nahi aa sakti, mera beta bimar hai. Use doctor ke paas le jane ke liye 500 rupees chahiye” She need not have to come twice and thrice to find out whether I am at home to get money. Why to keep her waiting to get her money that she owns?




What are the features of Ping Pay?
We need to link our account once to Axis Bank only once.
We can add multiple accounts and choose among it while sending money
There is limit of Rs.50000/- for sending per day
There is no limit for receiving money.
There is no limit for asking money. You can send request for money to unlimited people.
We can send or ask money/ recharge with message or even fun messages. We can use default message option or can create your own messages. We can send pyarwali zappi along with money request.
We can share your pingpay experience on social media. This clearly give idea to your friend that you are open to lend money.


What is the procedure of Sending and receiving money?
The registration is very simple for this powerful app. We need to link our account once. And we are provided with 4 digits MPin. If we are receiving request for money, then we get notification on the top. We can either accept the request or deny it. We can also check the social transaction history with this app. If the receiver doesn’t accept the money within 15 days , the money is reverted back to senders account.


How safe is PingPay when we see lot of online scams nowadays?
When we send money we get an authentication password which we have to share with receiver either through sms or phone. The person who has that authentication details can only get money. Even the MPin we use for operating our account has validity of one minute. So , it is totally secure for us too.


Apart from its all features, I loved the way it is designed. It is mobile friendly design is superb. We just need to bubble up or bubble down to send or receive money. Isn’t it wonderful? Download the app and check it yourself.

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